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Pray For Our Nation, President Trump and The Spread Of Freedom Across The Globe

Pertaining To Religious Liberty


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Christopher McDonald


Chris is the publisher/owner of the Great Smoky Mountain Journal and nightly host of the Mc Files Broadcast which has a growing audience.


Ordained since 1994, he also has a passion to encourage, edify and exhort and offer a passionate defense of the true gospel of Jesus Christ to the world at large.  


He has written hundreds of online journals, blogs, and

articles on faith through the years and is a former pastor and evangelist

to the inner cities.


He is also a professional photographer, web designer, musician and also sub-teaches for Knox County Board ofEducation.


Originally from Atlanta, he currently lives in Knoxville with his family



Tammy Elmore 



Tammy Elmore is a Christian, entrepreneur who lives in the

Greater Knoxville TN area.


She attended Southern Baptist Church in her youth and now attends Central Church of God, local. She has a strong heart for God’s Righteousness and the pursuit of His Truth.   She has been a Christian for many years and felt there was a need to earnestly contend for the Faith  that was “ONCE” delivered for all saints. Specially to persuade new Christians to seek to stay on  the true path of faith.


New converts are being led astray by many preachers who pretend to be ministers of the light.   She is passionate about making sure people know the truth about Christ and the gospel.  She believes it is important to know “There Is A Judgment” of what is right and a wrong and that God is The  One Who defines it by The Scriptures.  





Bearing Witness To The Truth



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